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Build agile and accountable technology teams at blazing speed with the power of an AI-driven cloud hiring platform.

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We evaluate best talent all over the world so you can build your next technology team in just few clicks.

Global Challenges in Hiring

The lack of streamlined processes and bandwidth continues to hurt the growth of business, even with clear hiring objectives.


49 days invested per hire

People in various roles in the organization spend months before they reach a successful hire.


$4000 spent on every hire

The significant amount of bandwidth invested per hire turns into a heavy cost center for a growing business.


250 applications screened for each hire

The volume of applications coming from various sources frequently overwhelms the hiring teams.


23.7 days taken per interview process

Finding available time between candidates and in-house interviewing engineers results in further delays.


Say Hello to Cloud Hiring

Our cloud hiring platform enables you to do exactly what it sounds like; growing engineering teams with just few clicks.


Top Talent

Discover engineers with the skills and experience that fit perfectly within your culture.


Global Reach

Get a competitive edge by tapping into tech talent pool across the globe.


Detailed Insights

Make your hiring decisions well-informed and free from bias.


Quick Turn-around

Avoid co-ordination delays due to candidate unavailability or bandwidth shortage.


Engineer Focused

Opt for a hiring platform designed for giving best interview experience to engineers.


Streamlined Process

Rely on process honed over a decade with well-defined and role-specific interview process.

Why Tacnique

The most extensive part of the recruitment process is the time. Tacnique helps you solve such bottlenecks by accomplishing higher results in shorter periods of time.

Cloud Interview Recordings

Cloud Interview Recordings

Technical Skill Assessment

Technical Skill Assessment

Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral Assessment

AI & Video Intelligence

AI & Video Intelligence
Certified Expert Interviewers

Certified Expert Interviewers

Score-based Summary

Score-based Summary

Detailed Interview Insights

Detailed Interview Insights

Ease of Access

Ease of Access


Enabling the right talent for your exponential growth.

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Where can we help you

Whether you plan to build your next project in-house or outsource, our offerings can take the risk element out of your decision-making.

Building your new team

Hiring the new right talent with the help of streamlined hiring process.

Ramping up your existing team

Enhancing the talent of the existing team within your organization.

White PuzzlePuzzle

Moving talent between teams

Letting your top talent move around the organization without mis-alignment.

Outsourcing a technical project

Helping organizations outsource new or existing technical projects to a vendor.

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Why companies like Tacnique

"We were really impressed with the recorded Interview and their detailed assessment which really helps us to make the hiring decision very fast. By scheduling Interviews with Tacnique, we are also saving our tech team valuable time."


Krishna Pandya

Associate People Manager

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